Sticka Steves Drum Wrap Galaxy Master 702 shown

Drum Wrap Percussion Shell Cover Bass Kick Snare Tom DIY

  • Empire Sun 401 Drum Wrap
  • White and Black Skulls 353 Drum Wraps
  • California Sunset 363 Drum Wrap
  • Distressed UK Flag 369 Drum Wrap
  • Planet Earth 255 Drum Wrap
  • Ice Cave & Wood 731 Drum Wrap
  • Groovy Girl Waves 721 Drum Wrap
  • Pistachio Swirl 719 Drum Wrap
  • Frosted Mint Swirl 718 Drum Wrap
  • Blueberry Swirl 715 Drum Wrap
  • Fuchsia Lip-gloss 707 Drum Wrap
  • Pink Portal of Time 706 Drum Wrap
  • Galaxy Master 702 Drum Wrap
  • V6 Black & Red Drum Wrap
  • Kodachrome 803 Drum Wrap
  • Vintage UK Flag 368 Drum Skins
Drum Wrap Percussion Shell

Drum Wrap Percussion Shell Cover Bass Kick Snare Tom DIY
Removable High Quality artistic printed Vinyl
High Quality Glossy Laminate
Each Drum Wrap Percussion Cover is pre-cut for you
Just under 20 mil Gives you the option to customize your favorite Drum Shell

Additionally, USA Shipping is Included. Furthermore we ship using sustainable materials that you can reuse or recycle.

INSTALLATION of your Drum Wrap Percussion Shell Cover for your Bass Kick Snare or Tom is a  DIY project.
Both methods of Drum Wrapping in 1 product; it’s completely up to you.

1)  You can use traditional wrapping methods; Direct to Shell with 
NO Contact Cement Glue needed      
2) You can you use more modern wrapping methods; only tack down the section you desire to your Shell
Over the wrap you currently have by removing the amount of backer you choose. 
NO Double Sided Tape

Laminated Removable Vinyl will not harm your Shell or existing skins on your shells.
Saves you time by not needing to use contact cement glue
NO Double Sided tape needed.
Browse our Guitar Skin Wraps & Wall Skins – If you see an image you want as a drum wrap-message us.
While we have 100’s of Designs available – be patient with us as we
introduce them to you. Sizes Available to fit all your Drum Wrap Percussion Shells 

  * if we have missed your size, please send us a message.                               Simple to use;
Do It Yourself product that requires some time & patience
Our Drum Wrap Percussion Covers give you the freedom to choose
your wrapping method; Traditional or Modern

In conclusion
Undeniably, Installation is made easier with no worries about repositioning
or bubbles. Removable vinyl you can easily lift and reposition as needed.

Unquestionably, you can change wrap cover designs as you desire.
Save your current Drum Wrap Percussion Cover to reuse at a later time if you desire.

In short here is in an article from Drum Magazine on how to do a modern
double sided tape- drum wrap. Keep in mind ours are removable vinyl- this is one method you can use with our drum wraps or just apply more traditionally directly to shell. Either way some great tips.
Great Article on How to Wrap Drum Shells by SCOTT ROCKENFIELD
The light is also a great idea for skinning vinyl over your pickguards too! No new holes required 😀