Showcase Skins

Guitar Décor- Showcase Skins

We are excited to be the original and first to introduce our Showcase Skinz; Removable Wall Skin Décor for your musical instruments.

We’ve created Sticka Steve’s Showcase Skinz; Wall Skinz Display Panes as a Removable High Quality artistic printed Vinyl product to assist with your home décor needs. Giving you that added WOWZA to your wall.

Will give you the option to customize your favorite pieces of art; your guitars just the way they are without modifying that beauty.


While we love our Guitar Skin Axe Wrap Re-Skins we also realize many of our customers like ourselves have guitars that are way too beautiful to wrap or re-skin; they are standalone pieces of art themselves.

All that Jazz we love about them doesn’t need to be touched unless we’re playing and adding to it, all that Patina and crackle.
However, we also want in on the fun of Guitar Skins Axe Wrap Re-skins but wouldn’t dream of touching our beloved guitar mistress’.

Available in portrait or landscape designs.

Most importantly Showcase Skinz complement your guitar without modifying your guitar. Mount or re-mount your guitar with your favorite hanger.

Spaces where you relax and play your guitars such as in your Studio, Gig Room, Livingroom or Bedroom will have that WOW factor you have seen and want.
Your guitars will be the center of attention with Sticka Steve’s Showcase Skinz.

The perfect attractive solution for your space.

Guitar Décor / Showcase Skinz are a Do It Yourself project. We have the confidence that you have; you can do it yourself.
Yes we’re sure they can be used for an array of other instruments and uses too.

Guitar Décor will keep the wall looking awesome while you play. So go ahead do what you love, grab n play.

This will get that guitar up off the floor & leave the wall lookin’ amazing.

Created and customized our Showcase Skinz with a focus on guitars. Although we realize many musical instruments will look super cool displayed with our WALL SKINZ;

Carefully selected perfect sizing to complement a wide array of guitars & basses.


You’ve seen all those guitars displayed at your favorite music stores, lounges, museums. You know your guitar would look just as wicked & cool.

Utilize our Showcase Skinz to further customize your display cabinets, alcoves, guitar case, coffee table or just Sticka it to your wall.

Décor and Design are so personal; just like the feel of your guitars


  • Electric 18 x 48 (1.5 ft. x 4ft.)
  • Acoustic, Jumbo Acoustic 22 x 48 (1.83 ft. x 4ft.)
  • Bass 18 x 56 (1.5 f.t x 4.67 ft.)

Guitar Décor Showcase Removable Wall Skinz

Use Showcase Skinz as a standalone or as an insert in your display case.

  • Perhaps as a background backer in a Big French Painting Frame? You’ve searched your sources such as Pinterest and know you can do it. Now is the time to Do It Yourself!
  • Browse our selection; we’re happy you’re ready to get it done. We have 100’s of images to choose from for your preferred décor.
  • We realized there are endless possibilities for style and décor and have picked out a variety of images we loved. We decided you can pick all that other fancy stuff out yourself at a store or upcycle some wood and build a case.
  • Maybe a Huge picture frame with lights behind it or guitar case etc.
  • Guitar hangers are as personal as anything else and so we decided to also leave those details up to you to pick out
  • We’re confident that you can Do It Yourself.

Creative possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Wall Skinz will assist with your décor goals in a visually and artistically expressing fashion.

Great video on making a guitar frame display Guitar Display Case with Lights 2021