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Guitar Skin Axe Wrap Re-skin Vinyl Decal DIY

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Things to know before you order.

Please measure your guitar body (length and Width) this ensures you choosing the correct size of guitar skin.

It also gives you confidence for when you will be applying the skin to your guitar.

We show a variety of guitars in our listings to give you an idea of what it will look like on your style/brand of guitar.

Our guitar skins come in sheets measured to the nearest inch. They are a do it yourself project. How they turn out ultimately relies highly on your own skillset, knowledge, patience etc. We know you can do it.

We have 3 basic sizes Electric, Acoustic and Jumbo Acoustic.

Many guitars fit within these measurements

( see why we ask you to measure your own guitar)

Here are the measurements

Electric 14″ X 21″

Acoustic 17 X 21″

Jumbo Acoustic. 18″ X 21″

Yes, we offer custom sizing 😀 We adjust our pricing when we do this.

We listen to our customers. Due to this; we have created some pretty cool skins!

Additionally; an array of Guitar Skin sizing to add to our catalog for you.

Warlocks, etc. etc. if you don’t see it listed, be patient or contact us with your measurements and tell us what kind of guitar it is.


The Guitar Skin Axe Wrap vinyl sheet will cover the front side of your guitar. You will receive 1 right handed sheet. If you need to do the back you need to order at least 1 more. If you want it reversed or Left handed you need to email us. We will then create it and add it as a listing for you.

That’s right we do left handed guitar skins

Sticks Steve’s has you covered, Contact us. We didn’t put a lot of lefties on our page yet. However. most of our skins can be made for lefties. So please contact us.

The material…

Made with high quality 3M Adhesive Vinyl and Laminated = 6mil in total.

Pressure activated adhesive

Yes you can use Nitrocellulose Lacquers spray on them.

We recommend Oxford Supply Co.

Here is their page

All of our Guitar Skins have Free Tracked Shipping to USA

We create your skin, package them and then our courier ships within 2-6 business days. We generally ship out on Tuesdays and Fridays.

IF you would like your order expedited faster– you will need to contact us and pay the expedited fee. Contact us

If you require a signature confirmation– you will need to pay the extra fee- Contact us.

All of our products are printed to order.

this is why we do not accept returns or refund.

If for some reason you are not happy with your order; we do offer excellent customer service; so please contact us at [email protected]

Application Instructions Please watch our customer review

by Eric C on YouTube. He did an honest review of us that we had no idea about. Therefore, we try to pay it forward by directing you to his YouTube review on us. Here it is

You may want to

  • paper trace your guitar, pickguard and where any cavities are.
  • Use knifeless tape – do a search, decide for yourself. Purchase at a local store.
  • Watch how to videos like the one above.
  • Make sure your guitar is a smooth surface and clean.

What you will receive in a tube clearly marked StickaSteves

  • When you receive your order, your decal will consist of two layers. The bottom layer is the backing paper, and the top layer is the actual vinyl decal.
  • Clean the surface and make sure there is no dust or grease before application.
  • Peel of the decal from the backing paper.
  • Position and stick the application film on the target surface. Start in the middle. Rub the surface of application film with a soft wrapped clean towel I.e.; blue shop towel around a credit card sized applicator or dried towel to make sure there are no air bubbles caught inside the vinyl decal. Press outwards.
  • Peel off the application film slowly and carefully at a very low angle. (*Note you will require a razor blade, exacto knife for control / humbucker cavity cut out and/ or some knifeless tape. If there is any difficulties removing the application film, please leave the film on the surface longer.